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A Good Start To The Year For Real Estate Sales On Cape Cod

  February 19, 2018

BARNSTABLE – It was a good start to the year for real estate sales on Cape Cod.

The Barnstable Country Register of Deeds John Meade reports that the volume of sales was up 3.3% from last January and the total value of sales was up 13.1% from the previous year.

The median individual property sale value was up 0.6 percent from January of 2016 to $342,000.

“It’s always nice to start the year off on a plus note and January came through for us that way,” said Meade. “Knock on wood it’s a harbinger for what’s going forward.” Meade said the higher end of the market saw strong activity in January. “The top half of the median was high and that explains our overall value sales being up 13 percent,” Meade said. Meade does not believe the recent volatility of the financial markets would have much of an impact on general home sales. “I do think that some people may be saying they will diversify by putting some of their gains over the last year in something less volatile,” he said. “And we have had a nice period of real estate activity where we are seeing consistency.” Meade the volatility may drive investors into the second home market. He also expects real estate activity to pick up at the end of the winter into the early spring.

“The realtors start to see people start to kick tires on properties as the weather starts to warm up and people look towards having a place by the time summer comes around,” Meade said

Real Estate Sales Volume Dips, Value Rises in February

BARNSTABLE –The Barnstable County Register of Deeds reports that real estate sales volume has dipped but value has continued to rise for the month of February.

The volume of real estate sales was down 15.2 percent from February of 2016 and the total value of sales was down 9 percent over last year. “The main reason we didn’t have the volume, to my taking, is that we had three fewer business days this February than we did last year, so that probably explains why we were down volume-wise,” said Register of Deeds Jack Meade.

The median individual property sale value was up 8.6 percent from the previous year and there was a 11.2 percent decrease in the volume of mortgage activity from February 2016 levels.  The median sale price of property in Barnstable County last month was $335,000. For the year-to-date, volume of sales is up 1.3 percent, total value of sales is up 1.7 percent, individual sales value is up 8.8 percent and mortgage volume is up 5.4 percent.

The number of foreclosure deeds decreased from 20 in February of 2016 to 15 last month, or a 25 percent decrease. They are up 8 percent for the year-to-date. Meade believes that the next few months will be better for real estate activity in Barnstable County.

“My expectation is that we start to see our volume numbers pick up slowly as the spring gets started, and then we’ll have a nice second quarter of the spring,” said Meade. “April, May, June is usually one of our busiest sections of the year.”


By JUSTIN SAUNDERS, March 6, 2017 Newscenter

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Real Estate Sales Show Signs of Strength on Cape Cod

January 11, 2017

HYANNIS –Barnstable County saw an increase in real estate sales volume and value in December 2016.

Real estate sales volume last month was up nearly 4 percent from December 2015 and the total value of sales was up 4.7 percent from the previous year.

“It was just indicative of what we’ve been doing all year and this month was not an exception from what we’ve been doing, and it was nice to see that trend we’ve been seeing over the last year continue,” said Barnstable County Register of Deeds Jack Meade.

Numbers also increased in the volume of mortgage activity with 16.8 percent from December 2015 levels.

The median individual property sale value last month also saw an increase of 1.8 percent from last year.

For 2016, the volume of sales was up 10.9 percent, total value of sales was up 13.4 percent, mortgage volume was up 12.6 percent and individual sales value was up 3 percent, compared to 2015.

Meade expects to see real estate sales dip in the first couple of months of 2017.

“We should see activity in March greater than what we have in January,” said Meade. “We will quiet for these three months and the question is how quiet.”


Barnstable County Real Estate Sales Volume & Value Rise in September

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BARNSTABLE – Real estate sales and value were up last month in Barnstable County, compared to September 2015 numbers.

That’s according to Barnstable County Register of Deeds Jack Meade, who reports that sales were up 6% and value up 12.1% from last year.

The median individual property sale value was up 2% from September 2015 and there was a 32% increase in the volume of mortgage activity.

“With the median price being up, we’ve had a little more activity in the higher end, which we haven’t had for a while, this year has mostly focused on the lower end of the market but we’ve had some strong sales at the high end,” said Meade.

So far this year, the volume of sales is up 12.4%, total value of sales is up 14.8% and mortgage volume is up 8%.

Meade added that individual sales value is up 1.9 percent this year.

“That’s been kind of consistent with what we’ve been doing the last few years, we’ve been seeing two, maybe three percent increase in individual sales value, so slow but steady,” said Meade.

The median sales value last month was $350,000, matching June’s numbers.